With the recent, long-delayed release of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (in which Tom Felton makes Michael Gamdon look like a complete amateur…no real surprise there…but unfortunately manages to do horrors for the actual movie; even casual movie-goers will be scratching their heads thinking something’s not quite right when a disturbed young wizard working on the dark side manages to invoke more sympathy than a beloved dying headmaster) fans are once again reminded of the reason the world has remained enraptured by the young wizard and his magical world for so long. However, as the last glimpses of the glorious wizarding world in its unmatched CGI scenery fade out and credits begin to roll, self-professed Gryffindors and Slytherins alike may find themselves leaving movie theaters with a strangely empty feeling and a craving for more.  But with another movie not due until next year and re-reading the books (for the umpteenth time) out of the question, what’s a desperate Muggle to do? At all costs, don’t resort to picking up a certain vampire series in hopes of it living up to its hype (it doesn’t). Instead give MuggleCast, the #1 Harry Potter podcast, a listen! Hosted by the staff behind the popular fansite,, each show runs like one of those really interesting yet relaxing radio programs, only better.

Just imagine: a whole hour (and usually longer) filled with an instantly likable panel talking Potter news, Potter movies, Potter books; it isn’t everything you’d hoped for…it’s more. For a podcast that’s been running since 2005, it’s still nowhere near running out of topics to talk about and every episode seems to bring up insightful points and connections that make you go, “Wow, I never thought about/realized that before…”. MuggleCast isn’t an audio lexicon; it listens like a delightful talk show complete with celebrity interviews, issue-relevant discussions, and witty jokes. After just a few episodes, you’ll realize that the hosts are like the fellow Potter-loving pals you wished for but never actually had and, even without meaning to, will have taken a liking to your own favorite(s) among them.

For the serious Potter people out there, MuggleCast will complete that piece of you that’s been empty for too long. For the casual fans, it’ll have an awakening-like impact and make you wonder how much you’ve really been missing out on.  And for the proud Potter virgins, it’ll open your eyes to a suprisingly enticing world and plant an urge to drive to the nearest bookstore to pick up a certain book about a certain boy wizard ASAP.

The best things in life are free, and if you still need another reason to listen, MuggleCast is no exception. Really. We’re talking free entertainment people! So either download the podcast directly from iTunes (no payment required!) or head on over to where you can also listen to the audio files, read the show transcripts, or read the whole backstory behind what is now the most-listened to Harry Potter podcast on the web.



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New Year’s Resolution 09? BringIt.

The end of one year and the start of a new one is upon us. A time for reflection and looking ahead…what will we change in these new days? How will we improve for the better? What about our goals? Hopes? Dreams?

Ah yes, it is time for us to once again come face to face with the New Year’s Resolution.

It’s my guess that a good deal of us have probably experienced some sort of failure in past years. (Blunt as it sounds, you can’t make this stuff up.) So, acknowledging the past, what is there left to be afraid of? We’ve already experienced what it’s like to end up at the bottom, so where’s the harm in trying one more time and aiming a bit higher?

Here’s what I’m trying to get across: Clear away all that past and prepare yourself to start off the new year with a clean slate and open mind.  Pardon the reference, but as sung in High School Musical, we’re all in this together–as fellow motivators and motivatees (people that recieve motivation from others). So here’s some sincere motivation from yours truly:

You CAN Do It!

You CAN Do It!

Jot down those resolutions and stick ’em on the wall, mirror, fridge, or anywhere you think is a spot that will force you to read it over and over. Repitition is key here. Once you’ve got it the idea stuck in your head, go out and JUST DO IT. I know, way easier said than done, but imagine that feeling of success afterwards and maybe a shot at the best mood you’ve felt in months. 🙂

There’sMore: Aim to do your resolution for, say, two weeks straight. Then tell yourself to keep at it till the end of the month (you are, after all, already halfway there). Keep adding on to that limit, even if it’s just little chunks at a time. If you find yourself slipping a little after the first week, don’t let that get you down, because remember that there is no way in heck that you’re alone, no matter how bad you may feel about yourself.

AFinalNote: What’s my own personal resolution? To stop trying to do so many things at once, take it one day at a time, and hopefully be able to enjoy life more. This may sound overly contrasted with my self-professed pessimism in the last post (which, now that I think about it, is actually a good start on my resolution) but youknowwhat? There’s no doubt I’m feeling it–2009 is gonna be awesome and nothing is going to stop me from enjoying every moment of it. Care to join me?

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ALittleBit Lost

So I got a blog…now what?

To set the record straight (and it’s not like anyone is going to contradict me, since no one will read this anyway), this is my third official day as a blogger, and honestly? I’m not feeling the love. In fact, I’m feeling just alittlebit lost. Maybe I’m just being too pessimistic like the pessimist I am, but this site is a big place people! Don’t you remember what it was like during your first week or so? The dashboard, no, just the homepage itself, with all its buttons/links shouting, “Click me! Click me!”…it’s like, where do I start? If you’ve got any helpful hints, topics I could blog about, or just a quick story or two about your own start in blogging, do share! Because right now the big question is: what’s a brand-new blogger to do?

ALittleBackstory: Initially, I just wanted an outlet where I could share interesting stuff that I found on the web/daily life. And the more thought about it, the more psyched I was at the idea of starting a blog. And so my blogging adventure began. However, after a couple days of clicking on “Go to a random blog…” way too many times for my own good, I realized that this is pathetic. This, referring to my blog so far. PATHETIC.

Then again, what did I expect? Instant subscribers after one or two posts? The blog, featured on wordpress’s home page? I have two, going on three, whole posts, for goodness sakes! What’s there not to comment about that?

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Why is my background “banana smoothie” (at least at the time this was written)? In honor of the people over at Evil Iguana Productions (EIP), of course! For those of you that have no idea what I’m talking about, head on over to YouTube and watch a video or two. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself embarking on an “EIP video marathon” over the next couple of days.

They’re probably best known for their movie trailer spoofs, but I’ve got to say I’m a big fan of their series called “The Allen and Craig Show”. It’s hilarious stuff. And if comedy isn’t your thing, they’ve just released a completely original half-hour dark drama that’s pretty intense. (And actually, I’m kinda wondering how they were able to post it all as one video. Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t Youtube have a 10-minute limit on video length?) 

Still skeptical about the name? Don’t be. These videos are made of quality and worth a watch. So whatcha waiting for?


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Merry Christmas! (What time zone is this site it? I swear, as I type it is December 25, not 26.)

Whatevs. Let’s get this party started.

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