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With the recent, long-delayed release of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (in which Tom Felton makes Michael Gamdon look like a complete amateur…no real surprise there…but unfortunately manages to do horrors for the actual movie; even casual movie-goers will be scratching their heads thinking something’s not quite right when a disturbed young wizard working on the dark side manages to invoke more sympathy than a beloved dying headmaster) fans are once again reminded of the reason the world has remained enraptured by the young wizard and his magical world for so long. However, as the last glimpses of the glorious wizarding world in its unmatched CGI scenery fade out and credits begin to roll, self-professed Gryffindors and Slytherins alike may find themselves leaving movie theaters with a strangely empty feeling and a craving for more.  But with another movie not due until next year and re-reading the books (for the umpteenth time) out of the question, what’s a desperate Muggle to do? At all costs, don’t resort to picking up a certain vampire series in hopes of it living up to its hype (it doesn’t). Instead give MuggleCast, the #1 Harry Potter podcast, a listen! Hosted by the staff behind the popular fansite,, each show runs like one of those really interesting yet relaxing radio programs, only better.

Just imagine: a whole hour (and usually longer) filled with an instantly likable panel talking Potter news, Potter movies, Potter books; it isn’t everything you’d hoped for…it’s more. For a podcast that’s been running since 2005, it’s still nowhere near running out of topics to talk about and every episode seems to bring up insightful points and connections that make you go, “Wow, I never thought about/realized that before…”. MuggleCast isn’t an audio lexicon; it listens like a delightful talk show complete with celebrity interviews, issue-relevant discussions, and witty jokes. After just a few episodes, you’ll realize that the hosts are like the fellow Potter-loving pals you wished for but never actually had and, even without meaning to, will have taken a liking to your own favorite(s) among them.

For the serious Potter people out there, MuggleCast will complete that piece of you that’s been empty for too long. For the casual fans, it’ll have an awakening-like impact and make you wonder how much you’ve really been missing out on.  And for the proud Potter virgins, it’ll open your eyes to a suprisingly enticing world and plant an urge to drive to the nearest bookstore to pick up a certain book about a certain boy wizard ASAP.

The best things in life are free, and if you still need another reason to listen, MuggleCast is no exception. Really. We’re talking free entertainment people! So either download the podcast directly from iTunes (no payment required!) or head on over to where you can also listen to the audio files, read the show transcripts, or read the whole backstory behind what is now the most-listened to Harry Potter podcast on the web.



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